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HearthstoneJSON Releases Update

With the new year, the HearthSim team has released an update to the HearhtstoneJSON API for accessing card/card back data. For a high-level overview of the service, check out our Hearthstone Data Resources article. Reddit user Adys posted an announcement of the new changes on the Hearthstone subreddit.

The update features a number of minor data updates and cleanup of some lesser-used properties around each card and greatly expanded the data available for Card Back information. The newest update also removed the separation of data via card set (a largely unused feature) for easier developer use. Most importantly, versioning support was added and a more REST-like interface was created for accessing the data. This should be a great improvement for developers who wish to automate updating their local caches of the data.

HearthstoneJSON is a HearthSim project, and the source is available via github .

Tidwell in Developer Resources - Jan 2, 2016